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Tom'sline Mini Pedal Delay ADL-3

Thương hiệu: Aroma

Mini in size, fit in the hand of the adult or just put it into pocket. 
Light-weight and portable, easy to carry along. 
Allows wide range of delay time from 50ms to 400ms. 
True bypass design, minimize tone loss and get more control of your pedal. 
3 adjustable knobs: Time, Feedback, Level 
Time knob: Adjust the delay time(50ms to 400ms). 
Feedback knob: Decide how many times the delay sound is to be repeated. 
Effect Level knob: Control the output level of the delay sound. 
Aluminum alloy housing, sturdy and durable. 
Durable jacks and foot switch. 
Comes with a piece of fastener tape to match your need better. 
Designed with on / off LED, instructs effects status. 
Powered by a 9V power adapter (not included). 

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Thông Số Kỹ Thuật

Delay time: 50ms-400ms 
Max input level: 1.5vrms 
Max output level: 1.5vrms 
Input impedance: 100 kohm 
Output impedance: 150 ohm 
Output noise voltage: -90dBV 
Recommended load impedance: 10 kohm 
Power supply: 9V adapter (not included) 
Current draw: 23 mA (DC 9V) 
Total harmonic distortion: 50ms-0.15% 
Product size: 9 * 4 * 4.8cm / 3.5 * 1.6 * 1.9in 
Product weight: 134g / 4.7oz 
Package size: 12.5 * 7 * 6.8cm / 4.9 * 2.8 * 2.7in 
Package weight: 223g / 7.9oz 

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