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Máy Đếm Nhịp - Metronome Yamaha MP-90

Thương hiệu: Yamaha
1,650,000₫ 1,800,000₫

Tối giản, thanh lịch và cổ điển, Metronome Yamaha MP-90 ra đời để trở thành hình mẫu của của mọi chuẩn mực thiết kế. Vẻ đẹp kinh điển luôn tồn tại cùng thời gian.

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A Pendulum Metronome that Aims to Be the Epitome of the Classic Pendulum.



    When you attach the front panel, each face connects with the main body of the metronome, forming a simple, trapezoidal silhouette. The fine-grained texture of the panel—which matches that of the metronome itself—softens the appearance of the tempo display and the pendulum, further bringing out a sense of unity.


    The shape is coherent and unobtrusive; this and something in which you can place your trust. The MP-90 will join with your performance no matter what instrument you use it with; sometimes it merely watching over your performance, and on other occasions supporting you as you play.


    The entire lineup of four colors—ivory, black, blue, and pink—has a fine-grained textured finish that is fingerprint-resistant. The ivory-colored model matches the ivory-toned keys of a piano, while the pink and blue models are finished in understated, soft tones.


    The universal silhouette is symbolic of all metronomes. The tempo display features a clear, readable, high-contrast color scheme, with a numbers laid out in a more finely tuned fashion towards the top of the metronome for a natural appearance. The MP-90 balances practicality with a simplicity that never grows old.


    Don't overdesign.

    A pendulum metronome is often said to be the classic piece of equipment to accompany musical instruments. With the MP-90, we aimed to create not just a classic but the very epitome of a classic. People will not tire of a true classic even if they use it for a long time; and thus it would be inappropriate to come up with an excessive design that is a slave to fashion. That is why we strove to stick to the maxim, "Don't overdesign."
    In terms of the shape, we kept the trapezoidal silhouette as the foundation that symbolizes metronomes and added a large curve to each of the four corners. We created what previously seemed an unlikely form by capitalizing on the shaping freedom that injection molding offers as the spice to complement the universality of the traditional wooden metronome. We tried a variety of possibilities along the way, but realized that there was a way that we could remove unnecessary elements smoothly, which brought us here. Just as much as we ensured the minimalism of the basic design, we also paid careful attention to detail.
    We focused on practicality through such measures as streamlining the mechanism for removing the front cover so that no excess components of the metronome's structure are visible during use, and we flattened the tempo display panel, eliminating the notches from it. To make the metronome appear understated and elegant when the front cover is attached, we utilized a fine-grained texture rather than a traditional smooth finish for the surfaces of the metronome and its cover. This softens the appearance of the tempo display and the pendulum when seen through the translucent cover. This finish produces a sense of unity between the metronome itself and the cover and helps to avoid fingerprints appearing on the surfaces. We also used smoke-tinted front covers for black metronomes and colorless ones for all other colors, helping to increase the level of perfection in terms of the unity between the metronome and its cover.
    Easy to understand and completely ordinary in all aspects, the MP-90 is like a pictograph given physical form. This metronome is a great success because you can really feel that we stayed true to the design ideal of not overdesigning. We expect that this product will set the standard for pendulum metronomes made of resin.

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    Thông Số Kỹ Thuật Metronome Yamaha MP-90

    Kích thước
    Rộng90mm (~3.5")
    Cao202mm (~8")
    Dày111mm (~4.3")
    Nặng405g (~14 oz)
    Chức năng
                  Tốc độ Tempo40-208 nhịp/phút, tăng giảm tương ứng theo tỷ lệ
    NhịpChuông báo ở các nhịp 0, 2, 3, 4 hoặc 6

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